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From heat to sun to salt, summer can take a toll on your tresses. But it doesn’t have to. Our hair care experts have rounded up the season’s essentials to make every day at the beach a great hair day.


Janeke’s Wide Tooth Comb, $61 is the best thing to use on wet, just-out-of-the-ocean hair (or freshly-shampooed hair). Make sure you add one to your summer beauty bag to gently remove tangles without damaging or pulling out strands. If your mane is parched from sun and heat, or if you just want to add a little shine to your ’do, Moroccan Oil’s Oil Treatment, $44 is a versatile product to keep in your arsenal year-round, but especially now.


Sometimes it's easier (and gentler) on hair to put a cap on it. Protect your locks from chlorine and sticky salt water with fashion-forward swim caps from Fashy, a favorite style statement for pool weekends as well as ocean dips. And be sure to shield your head from sun damage with a protective hat from Helen Kaminski. (Caps and hats sold in store only.)


Victoria Lynn’s Silk Ponytail Holders, $22 come in an array of bold, bright shades and are a top choice for keeping hair up in the hot summer months – plus, the smooth material won’t pull or break delicate strands. We like to keep ours in a "Beach" bag from Lolobag (sold in store only)!


Last but not least - if you're not at the shore but wish you were, join the party with Bumble and bumble's cult classic Surf Spray (sold in store only) - one of the best ways we know of to achieve windswept, perfectly textured beach hair while skipping the sand and sun damage.

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